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Clearshield by Solar Gard

 Clearshield is a paint protection film that helps prevent:

 -Small road debris damage

 -Scratches and nicks

 -Insect stains



Clearshield is computer cut according to vehicle make, model and year so it is not necessary to cut or trim on the vehicle itself. It is in installed by our professionals which are experienced in the proper preparation, installation and care of the product. Clearshield does not require any special maintenance and will not harm your paint finish unlike vehicle bras which dramatically alter your vehicles appearance and cause paint chaffing. You can simply wash and wax your vehicle the way you always have. We are so confident in Clearshield’s performance we guarantee it. The 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty for Clearshield is our promise to you that this flim: 

-Won’t crack, peel or bubble

-Won’t discolor or turn yellow

-Will stay in place

-Will remain optically clear

So if it’s important to you to maintain the appearance of your vehicle then Clearshield paint protection is the answer!

 We offer many different options for each vehicle


 - Standard Kit (hood only)

 - Full Standard Kit (hood and fenders)

 - Deluxe kit (hood, fenders, bumper and mirrors)

- Full Deluxe Kit (hood, fenders, bumper, mirrors, door edges and cups)


You want to keep your car looking great, but you know that putting a car bra on it doesn’t exactly enhance the appearance. Still, you can’t beat a car bra for paint protection, right? So, what do you do?

We have one word for you: Clearshield. It functions like a clear bra, designed to leave your car looking great while still providing paint protection to the front of your car. Clearshield protects your car from the effects of gravel, bugs and other road debris.

Clearshield is made of 8mm thick adhesive urethane and is computer cut to perfectly match the contour of your car, covering its front bumper, grille, mirrors, and front hood. Fenders, wheel edging, pillars, head lights and fog lights can also be covered by Clearshield for added protection.

As the name implies, Clearshield is practically invisible, allowing your car’s paint to show through while still offering the toughest paint protection on the market.

Not only does Clearshield provide paint protection, but it actually does it better than traditional methods like a car bra. Covering part of your car up with a traditional car bra causes uneven exposure to sunlight and the elements. No paint protection can stop all paint fading, and using a car bra or similar product can cause uneven fading, affecting the value of your car. After all, who wants a car with a two tone front end? With Clearshield, you don’t need to worry about that anymore.

Unlike other products designed to offer paint protection, applying Clearshield doesn’t require drilling or using specialized fasteners, leaving your car as close to original as possible. Clearshield simply adheres to the protected areas, providing see-through paint protection while leaving the look of your car unaffected.

Clearshield is custom fitted to your make and model of car, computer cut and installed by professionals. It isn’t subject to cracking, fading, peeling, or yellowing, but will remain clear for as long as it’s on your car. Backed by a lifetime warrantee, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll only have to have Clearshield applied to your car once.

Don’t leave your car without paint protection, especially when you can protect your car without making it look silly. Have Clearshield installed right away. Whether you’re a car dealer protecting your investments or a car owner wanting the best paint protection available for your ride, Clearshield is the only way to go.