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Why North Phoenix Window Tinting?

Whether you live in Scottsdale, North Phoenix, Glendale, Deer Valley, or anywhere in the Phoenix area, you want a quality job done and the best materials used for your window tinting. At North Phoenix Window Tinting, we are able to offer the best in window tinting because we specialize in it: window tinting is all we do.


North Phoenix Window Tinting

You want your car to look hot, but feel cool. You want window tinting. But you’re smart enough to know better than to let just anyone put their hands on your car. You’ve seen what the Phoenix sun can do to window tinting if cheap materials are used or if it’s not applied properly. 

North Phoenix Window Tinting uses only the best: a solar guard film that’s designed to look great and protect your eyes and the car’s interior from the sun for as long as you own the car.

Looks cool 

On top of the many practical benefits of having window tinting applied to your car windows, window tinting simply makes your car look cooler. Nothing makes a sports or luxury car, truck or SUV stand out in the pack quite as much as cool window tinting.

Keep You Cool

Air conditioning is great, but anyone who lives in Glendale or Deer Valley knows that it takes time for the AC to cool your car down. Window tinting can reduce the interior heat of your car by as much as 60%, making your car more comfortable from the time you open the door and conserving energy on the air conditioning system.

Makes Your Car Safer

Anyone who has spent time driving in North Scottsdale or Phoenix knows that blind spots are especially tricky when the sun is glaring in your mirrors. Window tint brings down the glare, making it easier for you to see where you’re going and what’s around you.

Additionally, window tint can help prevent your windows from shattering in the event of an accident. While we don’t market window tinting as a safety measure in and of itself, the solar guard film does act to help keep glass from flying around if it does break.

Protects Your Car’s Interior

The Glendale sun can wreak havoc on your car’s interior, fading the upholstery and dashboard. Unfortunately, this is damage that happens slowly, so we often don’t even notice it until we’re ready to trade in or sell the car and find that the value is diminished. Window tinting can help protect your car’s interior from the damaging rays of the sun.